Wim Botha solo exhibition in Berlin

Wim Botha presents a solo exhibition at Galerie Jette Rudolph, Berlin (11 September – 24 October 2015).  The exhibition includes a new series of busts made of finely shaped books, white marble and blackened bronze.


Installation view including:

Wim Botha (2015) Untitled (Witness Series), each carved encyclopedia, steel, wood

Wim Botha (2015) Untitled (Nebula), part 6, marble, 55 x 29 x 31 cm.

Wim Botha (2015) Prism 16, bronze with wooden base

Wim Botha (2015) Untitled (A Thousand Things), blackened wood, 120 x 140 x 59 cm.

Courtesy: Galerie Jette Rudolph & the Artist

Photo credit: Lepkowski Studios Berlin