Pulling Threads

I am intrigued by the surface of steel.  Steel holds a universal truth inherent within its make up, that all time moves forward and things grow old with age. The rust and the process thereof is a manifest expression of the transient materiality of life. With the passing of time and its inevitable eroding nature, materiality turns to dust. I am exploring issues around identity, nostalgia and loss.

On a macro level, my art deals with my family’s ancestral connection to Johannesburg, on a more micro level I am dealing with my personal turmoil’s. While my previous body of work explores loss, my more recent work reflects my malleability as an artist and as a woman. We have so many demands and so many facets.  It reflects my internal struggles and my personal attempts to shift, grow and reform into something new.  “To pull threads” means that something is unraveling or at a loose end which is deliberately paradoxical to the work which is defined and whole. We need to unravel in order to shift from one role in our lives to another – from mother to artist, from homemaker to professional on and on and in myriad more subtle ways.