AFSACSA starts off the season 2017

On the 29th March 2017 we had the privilege to welcome Pauline Gutter, our first artist in residency at AFSACSA of the 2017 season. We were able to gather some of the community as well as some artists of the French region for the occasion. Pierre then took everyone through and translated in french Pauline’s journey as a female young African artist being born on the farm and so engaged into the doing, the making, with one own hands. Pauline, through her dedicated intense and hard work, has now emerged as a prominent and established young artist in the Southern part of the African continent. Pauline has already simmered some of her local encounters and into her work crafting the charcoal on the surface of locally purchased papers, submitting them to the test of her talents. SAFFCA is tremendously happy to see the local immersion of Pauline and Ruzy Ruiske who is looking after the AFSACSA space for the season.