Totem and Tel qu’en lui même

Written by Pierre Lombart

SAFFCA and AFSACSA have decided to continue their effort of reciprocity with the art scene of the region. They have therefore incorporated in this season’s exhibition two artists from the Aquitaine.

“Totem” by Christian Carbonnière. 1995 – 2017

Around 150 000 BC Homo Sapiens developed in the South-Eastern part of Africa from previous homo kind. From around 70 000 BC, softer climatic conditions allowed Homo Sapiens to investigate some other territories. It is through their more developed cognitive abilities and their communication skills that they conquered the entire world following mainly two methods: Simple Genocides, and transmission of their genes via sexual intercourse with other Homo kinds they encountered.

Today, every single modern Homo, living on the planet, has an outstanding majority of his genes coming from the Homo Sapiens, even if some small other genetic presence can be found. If one likes it or not, we are all Africans.

Christian Carbonnière has spent here, in Saint Emilion, the last 20 years of a 22 years relationship with the soul of a tree. After saving it from a premeditated alienation through rotting, Christian took care of this treasure. Slowly, years after years and with immense and unconditional love, he listened to its whispers and followed the patiently revealed clues to restitute to this oak a reborn dignity. Through AFSACSA, SAFFCA has the great pride to celebrate love, passion, dedication and the purest pleasure of being. An animist serenity glows for us at the moment at N° “ 3 Bis rue de la Porte Saint Martin” in Saint Emilion. Thank you Christian. It is an honor for us to be able to exhibit “ Totem ” in our shelter.

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“Tel qu’en lui-même” by Jonathan Hindson

Similarly to Christian, it is our presence in Saint Emilion which allowed us to meet with Jonathan. Since then, Jonathan has come back repeatedly to South Africa where he was born before living in Bordeaux since the age of 8. Gallery represents him in Cape-Town and Johannesburg an we are privileged to share with you this season a fantastic example of Jonathan’s dissection of memories to the revealed essential core of a personal moment or encounter. This work has participated to our bicephalic engagements in between what one calls, somehow in an inappropriate manner, the old continent and the origin of Modern Mankind. We will remain “ Tels qu’en nous-mêmes ”. Accepting it fully and with kindness and serenity is one of life’s crucial challenge.

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