South Africans in Saint-Emilion

Yesterday we had the privilege to host Janine, Ingrid and Herman Steyn firstly at AFSACSA and thereafter at Pierre Lombart’s house where Sam Nhlengethwa made us the honour to join for a leisurely lunch which finished around 19h00 on the square of the City. It was an immense pleasure for us to be able to welcome South African friends animated by a common passion for the diversity, wealth, and depth of the Contemporary Art in Africa. It is on that square that our guests had celebrated their first visit to St Emilion. It became obvious that their second visit to our world heritage city had to finish with a glass of wine on the same square in the dappled light of the mimosa tree with the monolithic church as a backdrop. We thank the three of them sincerely for the time they were kind enough to spend with us in Saint-Emilion.