Sam Nhlengethwa | Last Open Studio

On the 21 July 2017 AFSACSA hosted the last Open Studio for Sam Nhlengethwa. Unfortunately, Pierre Lombart was unable to attend this event but Jonathan Hindson graciously filled in. Hindson and Nhlengethwa generated a conversation that not only spoke about what Nhlengethwa had done in his life but South African art in general during Apartheid and post Apartheid.

This event was very special as it was the first time Nhlengethwa spoke to everyone about how each individual that he had met in Saint-Emilion influenced him. Particularly Pamela Yaya and Nicolas Peuaud who own an architectural agency located in the heart of Saint-Emilion. This place was very special for him as it reminded him of the days when he worked at SABCA and his late brother. His engagement Yaya and Peuaud further reminded him of his final set design at SABC where he had realized the undoutable heroism that Nelson Mandela embodied. In particular how Mandela congratulated him on what Nhlengethwa described as “bowing out in style”  on the set that he had designed before leaving SABC.

After Nhlengethwa’s open studio he ended off the night at the Saint-Emilion Jazz festival, where him and Ruzy Rusike when to see Stacey Kent. Whom mesmerized all with her voice that eloquently ended off the night in style.

We thank you to all who came and made Nhlengethwa’s stay one for the books.

Images from Sam Nhlengethwa Open Studio and Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival.

Pamela Yaya and Nicolas Peuaud listening to Nhlengetwha as he thanks them.

Stacey Kent live at the Saint-Emilion Jazz festival

Again thank you to all who made this event very special