Justin Dingwall in conversation with Pierre Lombart

We would like to firstly thank all who were able to attend our event last night at Perch offices in Rosebank. It was a pleasure to have had you with us as Justin Dingwall discussed with Pierre Lomabrt, Dingwall’s series Albus focusing on his work”Black Veil”. Which is currently on loan at Perch Offices as the artwork of the month.

Dingwall shared with us some moments in his life leading to the development of “Black Veil” and what it meant to him as a person who experiences life through his defining yet symbolic interactions. We thank you, Dingwall, for sharing this so openly with us.

Furthermore, we would like to thank Perch Offices for hosting us so graciously. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

If you would like more information about SAFFCA and our talks please feel free to drop us an email at foundation@saffca.com