Andrew Tshabangu and Sam Nhengethwa

Last Monday we had the privilege to be hosted by The Bag Factory for a conversation in-between Andrew Tshabangu and Sam Nhengethwa on their journey to Saint Emilion within the framework of the SAFFCA residencies.

In fact both artists have had their studio at the Bag at some stage in their career. It was therefore wonderful to see so many of you to join us in Newtown for the evening. We would like to thank you all for coming, the Bag Factory for hosting the evening and IFAS for their support towards the residency of Andrew. We would also like to thank Monsieur Alain Vauthier and his team of Château Ausone for welcoming Andrew at the critical time of the grape picking in this most prestigious wine estate.

The evening was friendly and full of sincerity. We are delighted that Bali and Sam will soon be with us again in St Emilion for the next Jazz festival and that Andrew and Sam will be part of various exhibitions in France through SAFFCA this year. Sam and Andrew’s spirits will remain at AFSACSA, the French arm of SAFFCA, for many years to come. In fact, the village is missing them …

Indeed, Pauline Gutter, who opened the season 2017 in Saint Emilion, Sam, Andrew and Ruzy Rusike, who was there to look after all three of them as well as the visitors to the space have tremendously grown our visibility and reputation in the region. We thank them enormously.