Barbara Schroeder | Residency in collaboration with The Project Space

The Project Space in collaboration with SAFFCA would like to welcome artist Barbara Schroeder to South Africa on her residency program. Schroeder will be working at August House until the end of this month.

About the artist:

Barbara Schroeder was born in Cleves on the banks of the Rhine and descends from a long line of spiritual German forebears who were all lured by the shimmering luminosity of southern parts. Hölderlin before her discovered echoes of Ancient Greece on the banks of the ‘glorious Garonne and the gardens of Bordeaux’ (Die schöne Garonne/Und die Gärten von Bourdeaux). Barbara is somewhat more down-to-earth and does not take the soft light of the Gironde estuary for that of the Mediterranean, even if in Teuillac, where she lives, oleanders, fig and banana trees grow at the foot of the vine-clad hillsides overlooking the silty expanse of the estuary flowing by. The family home, typical of the region with its creamy stone and terracotta roof tiles, opens onto a lush garden where the bell tower of the village church peeps up beyond the lake. This peaceful, munificent scenery is the backdrop for Barbara’s work and provides a fitting setting for her dual cultural origins, both French and German, to fuel her art… Click to find out more



SAFFCA in Collaboration with AFSACSA thank: