SAFFCA Collection on exhibit at Cultural Agency of Dordogne-Perigord. 

Last night SAFFCA/AFSACSA WERE truly honored by the overwhelming reception of the exhibition of some chosen works from the SAFFCA Collection. People where fascinated by the wealth, the depth and the diversity of this sample of the Southern African Contemporary artistic talents. They were thrilled and filled with true enthusiasm. We wish to thank the 17 Southern African artists who made us so proud of the artistic strength blessing our region of the globe. At a guess, some 250 people congregated to the Espace Culture Francois Mitterand for this event organized with us by the Cultural Agency of Dordogne-Perigord.

William was with us through the fantastic documentary made by the BBC at the time of Triumphs and Laments, the 500 meters drawing by cleaning the walls along the river Tibre in Rome.