SAFFCA New Initiatives 2020

Dear Friends of SAFFCA

As the lockdown continues in SA and we are slowly starting to re-open in France. After the cancellation of the residencies of Lindo Zwane and Chrisél Attewell due to the Corona virus we still have hope at this stage to welcome Chris Soal and Jabulani Dhlamini for their residencies in St Emilion, France. Furthermore, we hope to be able to maintain the residencies of Maja Marx (from South Africa) and Chris Pillot (from France) in September and October , at the Entabeni Farm in Knysna, South Africa.

On another front, we have started the selection for the second edition of SEED at the Villa Arcadia in Parktown from the 8th to the 16th of March 2021. Following your support and the success of SEED-1, where we saw record prices at the auction and immense support for the artworks by many of the emerging, as well as the established visual art talents that Southern Africa has to offer. Furthermore, 25 % of the artworks left for Europe and America.

To keep some momentum before SEED-2, continue the pursuit of our aims, persevere in our support for the confirmed emerging artists of Southern Africa, and provide some financial support to non-profit organisations of the South African Art eco-system, including ourselves, we are developing two new initiatives: initiatives :

1.  The SEED Salons

At selected times, we will present to our audience 2 to 3 works by 8 carefully selected artists ( mainly confirmed emerging artists ) which SAFFCA  eagerly recommends to your interest. You will be able to purchase these works.

. 50 % of the sale price of the artwork will go to the artist.

. 10 % will go to the artist’s gallery or to the artists towards various costs including admin and logisticss.

. 10 % will go to support the META Foundation, the newly born non-profit arm of August House

. and 30 % will go to support SAFFCA.

These salons will take place at 54 The Valley Road at the META Foundation space. Due to the incertain times we live in, the date of this first SEED Salon has not yet been fully finalised. We look forward to updating you as soon as the date is set.

2. The SAFFCA Artist of the Month

Towards the end of each month from May 2020, excluding December, we will present to you 3 to 4 works by one confirmed emerging artist we believe in and which you could most certainly consider to support by becoming the custodian of one of the works on offer.

For this initiative,

. 50 % of the price of the work will go to the artist,

. 10 % will go towards the various costs including delivery,

. 5 % will go to support the Bag Factory,

. 5 % will go to support the Centre for the Less Good Idea,

. 5 % will go to the META Foundation

. and 25 % will go to SAFFCA.

The first SAFFCA Artist of the Month will be presented to you at the end of May 2020.

With love and passion,