Saturday the 6th

On Saturday the 6th of January, we got together with MC2a and “ L”Usine Végétale ”to celebrate the new year and to prepare for the exhibition “FUSIONS” which will open in Bordeaux at “ L’Espace Saint Rémi ” on the 30th of January within the framework of “ La Semaine des Afriques ” generated by […]

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Mário Macilau

Biography Mário Macilau (b.1984) lives and works in Maputo, Mozambique. Macilau started his photographic journey in 2003, and went professional after he traded his mother’s cellphone for his first camera in 2007. He specialises in long-term projects that link to multiple sub-genres; identity, political issues, environmental conditions, and engagement with socially isolated groups. Macilau is […]

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