Investec Cape Town Art Fair

We would like to thank Laura, Tumelo, Investec and everyone in the team of the Cape Town Art Fair for having us in the Cultural Platform Section earlier this month. We further like to thank al local, Southern African and global visitors for the interest they showed on their visit to our booth even though […]

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SAFFCA Collection on exhibit at Cultural Agency of Dordogne-Perigord. 

Last night SAFFCA/AFSACSA WERE truly honored by the overwhelming reception of the exhibition of some chosen works from the SAFFCA Collection. People where fascinated by the wealth, the depth and the diversity of this sample of the Southern African Contemporary artistic talents. They were thrilled and filled with true enthusiasm. We wish to thank the […]

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SAFFCA exhibition | Clair – Obscur

As part of the “Art is Open” program, the Cultural Agency départementale Dordogne-Périgord is hosting  the exhibition Clair-Obscur , imagined and conceived by SAFFCA. This exhibition is important for the foundation as it was created in Johannesburg to encourage, support and promote the living artists of Southern Africa, in particular by the constitution and distribution of […]

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SAFFCA ART TALKS On the 13th of May at the The Kingsmead Book Fair ‘17   WILLEM BOSHOFF 10h45 – 11h30 WILLEM BOSHOFF – BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE   Willem Boshoff was born in 1951 and grew up in Vanderbijlpark, a town on the the Vaal River, 75 kilometre south of Johannesburg in the Gauteng province of South […]

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Exhibition in Bordeaux

Pictures of the preparations in situ on the 21st and 22nd of January for the exhibition in Bordeaux. Were present: Mrs. and Mr. Lamire-Fabre, Christian Carbonnière, Guy Lenoir, Jonathan Hindson, Jordan Proctor and Pierre Lombart.   […]

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Bordeaux at Arrêt sur l’Image-Galerie

Presentation by Pierre on the 22nd of January during the private evening in Bordeaux at Arrêt sur l’Image-Galerie at 18 00. We can recognize Pierre’s usual gestures of Pierre animated by his passion for the Contemporary Art of Southern Africa. Long life to SAFFCA…   […]

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Art: A word in your eye

The power of pairing words. LoveHate 2015. Perspex on wood. Picture: Supplied

BY MARY CORRIGALL, JANUARY 21 2016, 07:50 WILLEM Boshoff’s new solo exhibition, Reap the Whirlwind, has you reaching for a dictionary — or at least Google. Is there a word for someone who obsessively studies dictionaries, searching for patterns? An online search reveals a few related preoccupations; linguist, hieroglyphist and semiotician. No doubt Boshoff’s idiosyncratic […]

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Willem Boshoff: Reap the Whirlwind

Willem Boshoff is a conceptual artist of international renown, having engaged his social, political and environmental contexts in evocative mixed media works, installations and performance art for over thirty years. His works result from intensive processes of sifting, collecting, ordering, crafting and translating, often taking years to complete and always opening up to new meanings […]

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Willem Boshoff

Willem Boshoff was born in Vereeniging, South Africa, in 1951. His father was a carpenter who worked in and around Vanderbijlpark, very close to where the Sharpeville massacre occurred in 1960. Boshoff studied and taught at the Johannesburg College of Art and the Witwatersrand Technikon, and he lives in Johannesburg. He is both a wordsmith […]

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