CV André Clements

André Clements hybridizes contemporary computational media technology with traditional drawing and painterly forms.

André has a BA degree from the Faculty of Arts, University of Pretoria. He has also studied widely for non-degree-purposes, including degree level courses in industrial psychology and computer science at UNISA, and international courses in disciplines such as symbolic modelling.

André assists the likes of SAFFCA, Canon, Roche and others via One Thread with the development and implementation of marketing systems, projects and production processes especially with regards to specialist digital print production. He also enjoys various learning facilitation positions in tertiary education.

André is the founder-organiser of the Johannesburg Contemporary Arts Discursive (JCAD), a fledgeling community-of-interest that facilitates and supports discourse in artistic practice and appreciation.

Type of Work

André works in a decidedly ‘post-digital’ paradigm, making extensive use of digital technology and photography as well as traditional media. André exhibits solo as well as in group shows, and his work and writing has been featured in publications including SA ArtTimes, Beeld and ITs Art (France).

His artworks have been acquired by prominent international and local collectors, photographers and corporate collections, including Liberty, and the South African Foundation for Contemporary Art (SAFFCA) amongst others.

Artist’s Statement

I aim to achieve a meditative resolution of complexity, chaos and other concerns. The technicalities which I attend to, I do in service of the subtleties of reflection and pause. I try to shun the many temptations of spectacle and fashion while being cognizant of the demands of the market within the pursuit of the development of my own practice’s inter-dependence upon these. Currently, I am particularly fond of interpreting the openness, quiet and solitude of the night, especially in the context of the tensions of the contemporary metro-urban South African paradigm in which I live and work; as well as using multiple-exposure modalities to engage with the space between artefact and awareness, as well as non-duality and integral aesthetics.

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Artworks in the SAFFCA Collection