CV Happy Dhlame

My work formulates new utopias about our surrounding spaces as well as unmasking existing codes and conditions in art.

Some that are so basic, they no longer possess any political values of the past. It reaches above political discussions and gives an artistic shape to this period in the past. It revives around abandoned building structures, the ins and outs of the building. I have always been fascinated with space interventions, by reforming new languages in interior spaces, decomposing walls, floors and ceilings.

What I am revealing in my work, is that we are all captured within the aesthetics, beauty is the most important thing that we consider and attach to our lifestyles. We paint walls; apply wall papers, tiles and carpets.

The bottom line then, even though we apply all these layer, the reality will always appear at a later stage. My paintings capture the after effect, in a measured time, in a specific building. It compels the viewer to look afresh at the surroundings and to ask what do these structures signify; what convictions; what hopes and fears went into their buildings.

It comments on how the beauty can be exploited, due to time changing. It explores many other wounds of walls, always searching for the meaning of these abandoned buildings, that will otherwise soon be lost.

The exploration and restoration of ‘Wounds of Walls’ serve as a methaphor for how we learn to understand ourselves.

Through my work, I show the fragility and memories seek to uncover, through exploration and research, the meaning of abandoned buildings.

Then to bring those issues of feelings raised through my activities into the public view, through installation and ranging to painting on canvas to summarise my ideas.

Painter and installation artist born in Johannesburg (Soweto).

Recently spending time in Europe (Switzerland).
Obtained a diploma in Fine Arts at Funda Community College.
Proceeded to a three year programme at Ecole Cantonale D` art du Valais, where obtained a BA in Fine Arts.
Arasmus scholarship exchange programme to study in France at Ecole Supereur de Beaux-Arts.
Also participated in various International Group Exhibitions and workshops.

Artworks in the SAFFCA Collection