Lindokuhle Zwane

This gap is filled with things that we as young South Africans lacked, wished for and often imagined could have positively contributed to our young lives. This sense of loss, however, can contribute to vulnerability, honesty, grit and accountability if we are willing to recognize and build on both our hurt and our joy. The understanding of how we are responsible for the space we hold on earth regardless of our circumstances enables us to preserve and to be reminded that we have the power to make better choices everyday.

A constant inspiration to me comes from witnessing the resilience that people demonstrate in their daily lives, despite their circumstances. My process involves observing and documenting these moments through photography. I draw inspiration from the emotions I experience when the lens captures a second in time. I use the photographs as my inspiration. They vary from old to new photographs, which I either take myself, come from family albums or have been given to me by friends and associates. Each photo evokes a story for me, and I use them individually or collectively to recreate and recompose a narrative.

I focus mainly on the rural and township life in which I grew up in. My experience of these perspectives and realities are important to me when recreating the artwork through painting, drawing or printmaking mediums. These recreated moments are personal, yet universal in that we are all connected and have dreams and desires that are sometimes never met. I am continually challenged to make empowering choices in my life as opposed to remaining paralyzed by an unwillingness to accept past and the present.

It is this space of vulnerability and loss and that I locate my truest work. – Lindo Zwane

Artworks in the SAFFCA Collection