CV Marieke Kruger




Full Names:  Marieke

Maiden Name:  Malan

Surname:  Kruger

Street address:  16 Castle Street, PAARL, 7646, South Africa.

Telephone numbers:  +72 (0) 21 872 2095 (w),

+72 (0) 72 4702074 (c)

Fax number:  +72 (0) 21 872 3810

E-mail address:

Personal website:   (Also enquire via e-mail address, Facebook, Celeste prize art network or LinkedIn web profiles if in need of visual images and more detailed information regarding my artwork and research)

I.D number:  721006 0147 08 7

S.A. Passport number:  A02847319

Occupation:      Visual Artist and Visual Art Lecturer specializing in Drawing and    Printmaking.

Nationality:  South African

Criminal record:  None

Sex:  Female

Marital status:  Married with 4 daughters.

Date of birth:  6 October 1972, Cape Town, South Africa.








Future PhD studies in Visual Art:

Tentative topic of prospective practice led PhD Study:





An exploration of the sublime through suggestive drawing trace towards effecting the transformation of the self and the other.


Naturally, I propose to specifically focus on the nature of my own drawings and how the sublime would function in the “space between representation and abstraction” contextualising this specific notion within contemporary drawing practice dealing with the sublime in the 21st Century.


2016:    To register for this course in September/October 2017 with suggested supervisors of UNISA’ s Fine Art Department, Prof. Elfriede Dreyer and Dr. Gwen Miller (specializing in the sublime) or Prof. Pillip Shaw (of Leicester University in the UK) as possible co-supervisor or external examiner.  (The latter is still to be decided)







2011 – 2014:        Recently completed my second Masters Degree in Visual Art.

(M.A.V.A, Practice-Led), (Class of Pass:  Pass (64 %), (Specializing in drawing at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa).


Research topic : ‘Reflecting Self’ – An exploration of drawing trace as reciprocity between self and life-world with reference to my own work and selected works of Diane Victor.


Supervisor:  Prof. Elizabeth Gunte1996 – 1998:        M. Tech Degree in Visual Art.  (M.A.V.A., Cum Laude)

(Specialising in Drawing and Lithography)

Research topic:  ‘A Holy War’ – A study of Damnation versus  Redemption as spiritual metaphors in the work of Marieke Kruger.

Internal Study Leader: Mrs. Marialda Marais.  (University of Johannesburg)

External Moderator: Prof. Keith Dietrich. (University of Stellenbosch)


1991- 1994:     B.A. Fine Art Degree. (Majoring in Painting, University of Stellenbosch, Class of Pass:  Upper Class, 68 %)


Please refer to my personal website ( for more detailed information regarding my research and publications.





1990:    Obtained National Senior Certificate with Matriculation Exemption. (Bloemhof Girls’ High School, Stellenbosch.)





2013:    Completed a workshop in Digital film making under the guidance of UCT film and photography lecturer and artist, Berni Searle.  (Frank Joubert Art Centre, Cape Town).

2013:    Completed a workshop in pinhole photography under the guidance of UCT photography lecturer and artist, Jeanne Brundrit (Frank Joubert Art Centre, Cape Town).

2007:    Adobe Photoshop course completed (Concept Interactive, 2007)

2000:    Completed Interior Decorating Course. (CPUT, Cape Town.)

2000:    Completed Courses in M.S.DOS, MS. Word and related programmes. (Stellenbosch)

1997-1998:      Selected and participated in a Student Exchange Programme at the Karel

De Groote Hogeschool in Antwerp, Belgium. (4 month student


1996:    CDP Art Teachers Training Course. (1 Year Course, University of Johannesburg)




2015-2016:      Teaching of drawing and printing rehabilitation workshops as therapy, product development and research to inmates at the Freedom Drakenstein Correctional Facility. (Prison rehabilitation workshops)

2009-2014:      Teaching of regular courses in drawing, printing and painting to underprivileged groups in Paarl, Idasvalley, Stellenbosch and Wellington area as guest lecturer of Stellenbosch Art Society.

2013-2014:      Teaching and assisting in product design and skills development at the Paarl School of Skills for students with special needs.

2013:    Assisting towards establishing Photography (old fashioned, dark room methods) as subject at the Jack Meyer Art Centre in Paarl.

2012:    Selected as participating artist in an exhibition held as fundraiser for “Huis

Horison” (Residence for the Mentally Disabled) in Stellenbosch.

2011:    Graphic art, Grade 11 printmaking students won Art School Competition that

form part of the KWV “The Epic of Everlasting” Cecil Skotnes exhibition


2011:    Lecture series presented in Multimedia (2nd years, Visual Art Students) at the

Ruth Prowse School of Art in Woodstock, Cape Town.

2009:    Selected to be an artist forming part of a team presenting teaching workshops

to teachers in the Western Cape hosted at the Tygerberg Art Centre entitled

‘INSPIRE, REWRITE, IGNITE’ (Organised by Peter Hayes at VANSA).

2008:    Teaching of drawing and printing workshops at the Breytenbach Centre

in Wellington, S.A..

2006: Participated in Group Exhibition in Paarl called “Artbewing”. (Charity


2005:    Participated in collaborative Group exhibition at the AVA Gallery in Cape Town called “Finding You”.  (Charity Fundraiser in collaboration with ceramic artist Dr. Ralph Johnson)

2004:                Participated in Group exhibition called the “Block Project” organized by Jeanetta Blignaut. (Charity fundraiser)

2003:    Participating artist in the compilation of an artists’ Cook Book organized by Jeanetta Blignaut called:  “Fooding about with Topsy”.

2001-2002:      Practicing Tour Guide and teaching of drawing workshops.  (Sasol Art

Museum, Stellenbosch)

1996-1997:      Lecturing in Life Drawing, First Year students. (University of Johannesburg)

1996:    Art teaching to Street children as part of community upliftment

project through the University of Johannesburg.

1996:    Art teaching at the Takalani School for the mentally disabled children

as part of my CDP Art Teacher’s Training Course in Soweto, S.A.







I have been primarily involved as Visual Art Educator (specializing in Fine Art disciplines such as Drawing, Printmaking, Multimedia as well as Visual Art History) on secondary level. (Grades 10 – 12)  I have, nevertheless been involved as guest lecturer and visiting artist and had temporary contract posts on tertiary level (teaching and facilitating undergraduate students) as requested at various colleges and Universities in South Africa.


2003-2016:      Visual Art Educator at the Jack Meyer Art Centre, focussing on drawing and printmaking, permanently employed since July 2005. (Paarl, Western Cape)

2016:    Teaching and Facilitating Drawing workshops at Abbotts College. (Visiting artist and teacher, 4 workshops presented, May/June 2016) (Goodwood, Western Cape)

2011:    Guest Lecturer of Multimedia Module to Second Year Visual Art students at

The Ruth Prowse School of Art, Woodstock, Cape Town, (September/October 2011).  Temporary contract lecturer for lecturer who was on study leave.

2002:    Visual Art educator at Fairmont High School. (Temporary contract post for teacher on pregnancy leave.  (Durbanville, Cape Town)

2000:    Visual Art lecturer at Eden College, Lyndhurst, (Johannesburg). (Permanent employment.  Resigned because of relocation to Stellenbosch.

1999:    Visual Art and Design lecturer at Damelin College, Braamfontein,

Johannesburg, S.A, (Temporary contract lecturer for lecturer on study leave)

1996-1998:      Part time lecturer in Life drawing at the University of Johannesburg. (Part time student lecturer during my M-Tech studies at Wits Technikon, now the University of Johannesburg.)





General involvement in the following organizations and societies:


General facilitation, administration and organization of Fine Art workshops:


·      Invited as guest lecturer as well as guest/motivational speaker to students at Abbotts College, Goodwood. (2016)

·      VANSA (Presenter of Visual art workshops “REWIRE, INSPIRE, IGNITE WORKSHOPS”– connecting contemporary visual artists and teachers), (2009/2010).

·      Stellenbosch Art Society (Life drawing, Printmaking and Painting workshops to Adult learners) (2003 – 2016)

·      Freedom Drakenstein Correctional Services, Paarl. (Drawing, Painting and Printmaking rehabilitation workshops, general skills development and Product Development teaching and facilitation), (2015, 2016).  Also invited towards facilitating and starting art workshops with a selection of the Havequa prison inmates in Wellington.

·      Paarl School of Skills Development (2013, Assisted towards Teacher empowerment and development).

·      Takalani School for the Mentally Disabled (1996)

·      Jack Meyer Art Centre – Senior Visual Art teacher, also responsible for different administrative and leadership tasks within the Centre. (Social events organizer, General Stock and Asset Controller/Fascilitator, Fundraising and general marketing of the Art Centre)

·      School level:  Part of the Drama, Film and Calligraphy Societies (Bloemhof Girls High School).




2016:    Drawing entitled “Procession:  After the Citizens of Calais” accepted by the jury of the ARTBOX PROJECT MIAMI 1.0 and shown at the art weeks in Miami in December 2016. (ARTBOX MIAMI, Switzerland).

2016:    Drawing entitled “Waiting for Messiah” selected as a finalist work and came second in the

International TABOO Art Prize and finalist exhibition at the Poggiali & Forconi Gallery in Florence, Italy (April 2016).

2016:    Drawings entitled “Betrayal & Denial I-III” selected to be exhibited at

Artrooms 2016 (International Art Fair for Independent Artists) in London, UK.

(One of three invited artists who also participated as finalists in the Celeste Art

Prize in Milan, Italy. (January 2016)

2015:    Drawing entitled “Lamenting Icarus” selected as one of the Celeste Art prize 2015 “Editor’s Choices”.  Selected as one of the 43 finalists in the International Celeste Art prize in Milan, Italy and obtained joint second prize in the “Painting and Drawing” category with artist Emmanuel Sartori for my drawing entitled “Simon of Cyrene”. (November 2015)

2014:    Awarded a NAC (National Arts Council) grant for Masters Degree studies in Visual Art at the University of Stellenbosch.

2013:    Work entitled “Lot’s Wife I” (Lithography) and “Reflecting Oedipus”

(Drawings) received Merit Awards at the Vuleka National Art Competition.

2012:    Work entitled “Confessions/Verklarings” shortlisted for Vuleka

National Art Competition. (Art.b. Gallery, Bellville)

2008:    Multimedia artwork entitled ‘Hannah I’ selected for ABSA Atelier

National Competition and exhibition.

2007:    Drawings entitled ‘Perfectly Covered I-III’ short listed for Spier Contemporary National Show. (Stellenbosch, S.A.)

2006:    Multimedia artwork entitled ‘Wedding Feast I’ selected for ABSA Atelier

National Competition and exhibition.

2006:    Awarded a National Arts Council (NAC) bursary for Solo exhibition at the

Bell-Roberts Gallery, Cape Town.

1999:    Drawing ‘Babel Tower I’ selected for Volkskas Ateljee Competition and

National exhibition.

1997:    Awarded a National Arts Council (NAC) bursary for overseas studies in


1997:    Awarded the Ernest Oppenheimer Memorial Trust bursary for overseas studies

in Belgium.

1997:    Awarded a Johannesburg University study bursary for overseas studies in


1990:    Best student in Visual Art (Matric, P.J. Olivier Art Centre).






2017:    Upcoming Solo exhibition of drawings, entitled ‘CARCERAL SPACES’ in the underground “Reservoir Gallery” at the Oliewenhuis Art Museum in Bloemfontein (July 2017)

2014:    Solo exhibition entitled ‘REFLECTING SELF’ at the Equus Gallery, Cavalli Estate as partial requirement for Masters Degree in Visual Art at the University of Stellenbosch. (18 October – 17 November 2014)

2009:    Solo exhibition as follow up on ‘ABOUT FACE II’ entitled ‘ABOUT FACE

II’, Art.b. Gallery, Bellville.

2009:    Solo exhibition entitled ‘ABOUT FACE I’, ABSA Gallery, ABSA Towers,


2007:    Collaborative Show entitled “JOURNEYS…” with Ralph Johnson at the

Gallery at Grande Provence, Franschoek.

2006:    Solo exhibition entitled ‘TO A PROMISED LAND…, Bell-Roberts Gallery,

Cape Town.

1998:    Solo exhibition as partial requirement for Masters Degree at the Civic Gallery

and Theatre, Johannesburg, entitled ‘A HOLY WAR’.





2016:    Invited to exhibit selected drawings as invited artist in Artrooms 2016, an International Art Fair for Independent Artists in London, UK.

2010:    Invited to work in Artist Residency at the Frans Masereel Centre in Kasterlee,


2008:    Work selected by Veerle Rooms for Solo Exhibition at the De Heerlijkheid

Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium.

2002-2003:         Group Exhibition:“Veerle Rooms in Dialogue”, Evolution of

contemporary printmaking during the past thirty years – from print to

full art medium. (Antwerp, Belgium)

1997, 1998:        Selected to study at the Karel de Grote Hogeschool in Antwerp,


1996:    Drawing selected for Group exhibition in Bonn, Germany.










2016:    My own drawing and selected self portrait prints of inmates from the Drakenstein Correctional Services exhibited in this group exhibition with a selection of inmates self portrait Linoprints to be exhibited as part of “100 Geographies”, curated by Elizabeth Miller-Vermeulen at the Sasol Art Museum, Stellenbosch (September – December 2016)

2016:    Participation in Cancer awareness Group exhibition and fundraiser curated by Corlie de Kok. (October 2016).

2016:    Drawings in group exhibition entitled “Transmutations” at the Knysna Fine Art Gallery, Knysna (May/June 2016).

2016:    Drawings on exhibition at the Equus Gallery, Cavalli estate entitled “Lords of

Winter” (April/May/June 2016).

2016:    Drawings included in the “Self – I” group exhibition at the Grande Provence Gallery, Franschoek.

2015:    Participation in Group exhibition curated by Carina Du Randt at the Equus

Gallery, Cavalli Estate entitled “Four Horsemen of Revelations”.

2015:    Participation in Group exhibition curated by Corlie de Kok entitled

“Signatures” at the Grande Provence Gallery, Franschoek.

2015:    Participation in a Group exhibition at the Equus Gallery, Cavalli Estate

entitled “Winter is Coming”.

2014:    Participated in Group exhibition entitled “Panorama:  Landscape as mapping

of the soul” at the D-Street Gallery, Stellenbosch.

2013:    Participation in Group show entitled “I am an African” at the Grande Provence Gallery in Franschoek. (December to February 2013)

2012:    Participation in Group show entitled “Flesh” at The Art Business Gallery,


2012:    Participation in Group show at Grande Provence Gallery entitled “Angels”

in Franschoek.

2012:    Participated in “Woordfees exhibition” held at the Sasol Art Museum entitled

“Ik ben een Afrikaner II” (March 2012, curated by Teresa Lizamore,


2011:    Participated in M.A. group exhibition entitled “Becomings:  An exhibition of process works”, Stellenbosch University

Gallery, Stellenbosch.

2011:                                                                                            Participated in group exhibition at the Art.b. Gallery entitled “Perfect Portraits”

2010:    Participated in three man show at the Libertas Gallery, Stellenbosch.

2010:    Participated in group show at Grande Provence Gallery entitled “Who?”,


2009:    Participated in group shows during Cultivaria Festival in Paarl.

2009:    Group show at Grande Provence Gallery entitled “Angels” in Franschoek.

2008:    Participated in “Postcards” Group show at “Off the Wall” Gallery, Paarl.

2008:    Participated and selected to exhibit at the KWV Emporium as part of

Cultivaria Festival, Paarl.

2007:    Participation in the X-Cape exhibition project.

2007:    Group show at the Ateljee Gallery in Piketberg curated by Sandra Hanekom

called “Elements of landscape: water, earth, sky…”

2005:    Participated in Group exhibition at the Bell-Roberts Gallery in Cape Town.

2003:    Group exhibition in Stellenbosch at the Bloom Gallery in Dorp Street.

2001:    Group exhibitions in various galleries in South Africa.

2000:    Group exhibition at Sasol Art Museum called “Breken Borders” at University Art Gallery, Stellenbosch.

1999:    Group exhibition at Civic Gallery called “Babel Tower”.







·       Perez Museum (Permanent Collection), Miami, (U.S.A)

·       Bell-Roberts Art Gallery’s Permanent Collection. (S.A.)

·       Read Contemporary’s Collection. (S.A)

·       ABSA Collection. (S.A.)

·       Hollard Insurance Collection. (S.A.)

·       ATKV Collection. (S.A.)

·       Work included as part of permanent collections of various academic institutions such as Johannesburg University as well as Stellenbosch University. (S.A)

·       Work included in various gallery collections such as the Bell-Roberts gallery, Off the Wall gallery, Gallery 88 and others. (S.A)

·       Work in the collection of various private local and overseas collectors such as German, Belgian, American, Dutch, Italian and English private collectors such as Warren Siebrits, Hans Coveliers, Willie Woestyn, Graham Flax, Tatjana Koenen and others. (S.A, U.S., Holland, Germany, England and Belgium)





·   Prof. Elfriede Dreyer

Visual Art Department, UNISA

Prospective supervisor for PhD study in Visual Art

Tel no:  +27 (0) 832712342



·   Prof. Elizabeth Gunter

Head:  Visual Art Department and Master’s Degree supervisor, University of Stellenbosch.

Supervisor for recent Masters Degree studies in Visual Art.

Tel no: +27 (0) 82 8426020



·   Prof. Kim Berman

Associate Professor:  Department of Visual Art, University of Johannesburg

Department of Visual Art, Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, University of Johannesburg, Auckland Park Bunting Road Campus

Tel no:  +2711 559 1112 or +27 (0) 82 7246 745



·   Mrs. Carina du Randt

Curator at the Equus Gallery, Cavalli Estate

Tel no: +27 (0) 844124107



·   Mrs. Elizabeth Miller-Vermeulen

Gallery Manager, Artist and Curator

The Dorpstreet Gallery, Dorpstreet, Stellenbosch, South Africa, 7600.

Tel no:  +27 (0) 83 7009669 or +27 (0) 21 9171197



·   Ms Cristina Antonini Cellini

Director:  Artrooms 2015/2016


Le Dame Art Gallery, Albany Street, London NW1 3UP (UK), Tel no:  +447947653530

·   Mr Steven Music or Silvia Li Pira

Celeste Art prize and Network

Celeste Network, S.n.l

Via Sangallo 23

52036 Poggibonsi (SI)


Tel no:  +393383794761 (Silvia)



·   Teresa Lizamore

Lizamore and Associates (Contemporary Fine Art Gallery and Consultants)

Jan Smuts Avenue, Johannesburg.

Tel no:  +27(0)118808802 or +270826514702.



·   Mrs. Les Cohn

Art consultant and Curator

Artsource Art Consultancy, 43d Newport Road, Parkwood, 2196, Johannesburg, South Africa

Tel no:  +72 (0) 82 395 7417








MARIEKE KRUGER                                                                16 October 2016

Artworks in the SAFFCA Collection