CV Mfundo Mthiyane

I’m a South African born artist from Durban and currently based in Johannesburg. I paint in oil on canvas, figurative and portraiture, taking a critical view on social issues and spirituality.

Graduated with a Diploma in Multimedia Studies, through the Centre For Fine Art, Animation and Design College, in Johannesburg. I have a varied experience and knowledge in design, having worked for few advertising agencies in Johannesburg.

In my current works is a series of paintings, titled “in search of the miraculous”. The title is inspired by a book of P. D. Ouspensky. I associate miracles with God hence the doves appearing frequently in this body of work, also denoting hope, peace, love and harmony energy that is abundant in the universe. I believe that doing my passion (painting) is how I thank God (The force behind all creation) for this precious gift called life and also it’s a medium which helps me discover a way of life to be a better person. My work is about human nature, self awareness, self-knowing and questioning everything in reality. The paintings permeate with symbols that often relate to the human psyche and our relation with the surrounding world. I want to keep the viewer’s attention for a longer moment, make them reflect and contemplate. My approach to oil paint is influenced by classical paintings and old masters like Rembrandt and Caravaggio with an amalgamation of surrealism art movement. I get inspiration from books, metaphors, allegories, mythology, philosophy and everything that resonates with me I try to interpret that through my work.


2012 – Spaces and Places – Africa Art Centre (SA)
2014 – Emerging Artists – Africa Art Centre (SA)
2019 – Emerge – The Station House DSTP (USA, Florida)
2020 – Portrait Show – Everard Read Gallery (SA)


2020 – AFFCA Artist of The Month September

Artworks in the SAFFCA Collection

Artworks not in the SAFFCA Collection