CV Themba Khumalo

Themba Benedict Khumalo was born on the 16 February 1987 in Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa.Khumalo graduated from Artist Proof Studio in printmaking, where he obtained a Design Foundation Certificate. He went on to do a professional printmaking development course under the sponsorship of Pinpoint One, at Artist Proof Studio in 2009 where he was an intern in the silkscreen unit and special project team. Khumalo is interested in exploring different mediums, such as charcoal drawings and painting.He has been involved in number of group exhibitions, commissions and special projects, such as painting murals in the Eastern Cape and being invited to exhibit in a grouup show at Isolate del Cinema festival in Rome, Italy.

Artist Statement

Khumalo’ work is inspired by everyday day life. His visuals are stimulated by events he witnesses daily in the city such as everyday struggles, prospects and desires. Khumalo documents his interaction with the city as both an outsider and a city dweller. This dual tension is evident in his work; as he takes note of people who have come to the city in seek of the unknown, This is reflective in his work through his intense dark mark marking and subtle texture of clouds, which evoke specific moods and emotions. Khumalo’s work explores the dangers of Johannesburg while reflecting its beauty through its architecture and cityscape. Khumalo’s identifies in his work the importance of family and how they play an important role in ones life. Although he hardly depicts human figures in his work, he uses pylons, cranes, and electric wires to represent movement, energy, and unity: portraying how electricity connects us all. Thus informing his audience of his relation with people, exploring feelings of connectivity and isolation within the city.


world art Dubai,Dubai
That art fair,Cape town
Solo exhibition (my side of the story),Gallery2,Johannesburg
Rust en Vrede gallery,Art exchange,Cape town and Mexico

Gibbs gallery,Print art fair,Johannesburg
Wall space gallery (urban fused),Mellvin,Johannesburg
FNB art fair,Turbine art fair
No-manart gallery,Amsterdam

Cape town artfair, Cape town.
Washington Printmakers Gallery, Washington, USA
Cherie de Villiers,Group show, Hyde park,Johannesburg
Turbine ArtFair ,Newtown ,Johannesburg
FNB joburg ArtFair ,Johannesburg
Gallery 2,Group show,Rosebank,Johannesburg

Turbine Art Fair, Johannesburg RSA
Freeze Art Fair, London UK
Joburg Art Fair, Johannesburg RSA
Bamboo Gallery, “Pieces”, Johannesburg RSA
Cherie de Villiers gallery, Group Show, Johannesburg RSA
Isolate del Cinema festival, Group Show, Rome ITA
David Brown Gallery, Print Making Exhibition, Johannesburg RSA

Gallery 2, “Coming of age” ,Group Show, Johanneburg RSA
JAG, “Coming of age” , Group Show, Johannesburg RSA

Bell Dewar Law Firm, Group show, Johannesburg RSA
Art in the forest, “Passages”, group show, Cape Town RSA
Sharon Sampson Studio, Group Show, Johannesburg RSA
Soweto festival Expo, Group Show, Johannesburg RSA
Artist Proof Studio, Group Show, Johannesburg RSA

Artist Proof Studio, Group Show, Johannesburg RSA
Gallery 2, “People end Spaces”,Group exhibition, Johannesburg RSA

Artist Proof Studio, 3RD Year Group show, Johannesburg RSA

Artworks in the SAFFCA Collection