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Title : Tree
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Dimensions : 53 x 40cm
Notes : For Willem Boshoff the tree is laden with significance. This early work, re-editioned in 2005 by David Krut Print Workshop, epitomises the intricate beauty of the tree and marks the beginning of a long love affair. Cultivating an ‘ecology of the mind’, Boshoff has to date cultivated a ‘mental garden’ of some 20 000 plant names. His ‘Garden of words’, is a ‘garden of remembrance is for the world’s ravaged natural environment.’ A collector of seeds , of soil , of stones, Boshoff is no stranger to the bush. A lover of nature and knowledge, he ponders on how the tree may be liberated from the burden of carrying knowledge and information, before its extinction. In Tree of Knowledge, 1997, Boshoff commemorates the tree in its sacrificial form – the book.
 CV and other works of Willem Boshoff in the SAFFCA collection