SAFFCA has been placed under the management and daily supervision of Pierre Lombart, the CEO identified and selected by the board. While being currently the Honorary Chairman of GLH Architects, Pierre has been engaging personally and passionately with Southern African Contemporary Art for over 25 years. He has however remained deeply linked to Europe and its Artistic Network. He resides and operates from his European base for a few months every year and has been earmarked to fulfill the hyphen position.

Pierre will report twice a year to the board of the Foundation which will have a Chairman and a minimum of six directors ( three during the initial stage in the year 2015 ). SAFFCA will invite interested parties to join and support the foundation. SAFFCA will hold one general meeting a year. At this AGM, the board will report on the previous year’s events and inform of the decisions ratified by the board for the next year and the foreseeable future. SAFFCA will invite all of its supporters to assist and participate in the AGM.