Patrons, Partners, Fellows, Supporters, Sisters and Brothers, Fans and Friends

SAFFCA is today custodian of the embryo of its permanent collection. The foundation is finalizing its role in the continuation  of the adventure of The Bag Factory in Johannesburg and runs 3 Bis Rue de la Porte Saint Martin in Saint Emilion, France. The Foundation has published its first book  and has launched its website.

However, to successfully pursue further its aims, SAFFCA  relies extensively for its running costs on all of you : Corporations, Commercial Entities of various forms and Individuals believing that Art Education remains a fundamental life-tool in our demanding societies and that Art could truly help us in the reconquest of the “human” contained in the word “Humanity”. Over time, SAFFCA will aim to reach at least a partial sustainability through various initiatives like most of the other foundations in the word which nevertheless all rely still today on generosity, philanthropy, memberships and donations.

We have taken the liberty to divide the generosity of your support in three principal categories : Corporate Identities  and Institutions, Commercial Entities and Individuals. Each of these categories is thereafter divided in three subcategories.

Our aim is to hopefully meet YOUR support in the various categories on an annual basis for an initial period of five years. At the end of this period, the board will review SAFFCA’s achievements and establish the future framework to enable the board to engage with all of you efficiently on the future adventures of SAFFCA and motivate its hope for the continuity of your support.

Corporate Identities and Institutions

SAFFCA Foundation Patrons

These Patrons will become the official sponsors of the foundation

( R 50 000.00 Monthly )

SAFFCA Residency Patrons

These Patrons will be the official sponsors of the residency program in Saint Emilion

( R 30 000.00 Monthly )

 SAFFCA Bursary Patrons

These patrons will sponsor the Art History student research program in Saint Emilion

( R 10 000.00 Monthly )

Commercial Entities

SAFFCA Partners

( R 5 000.00 Monthly )

SAFFCA Fellows

( R 3 000.00 Monthly )

SAFFCA Supporters

( R 1 000.00 Monthly )


SAFFCA Sisters or Brothers

( R 500.00 Monthly )


( R 300.00 Monthly )

SAFFCA Friends

( R 100.00 Monthly )