Minnette Vári: Finis Tenebris

“Finis Tenebris” or “End of darkness”, as the Latin phrase translates, can be considered a rather significant work as documentation for the current time we live in. Minnette Vári, takes us through a moment of resurgence in her video artwork, where a single charcoal mark on the paper, ripples into an army of many more. […]

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SAFFCA New Initiatives 2020

Dear Friends of SAFFCA As the lockdown continues in SA and we are slowly starting to re-open in France. After the cancellation of the residencies of Lindo Zwane and Chrisél Attewell due to the Corona virus we still have hope at this stage to welcome Chris Soal and Jabulani Dhlamini for their residencies in St Emilion, […]

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Sunday morning

We had a fabulous time this morning with Laurent Valera in the fabulously revitalised part of town known as Maboneng. We had the opportunity to great the Sentinels of Louis Olivier, engage with the vibrant but serene show of Bianca Bondi at the Hazard Gallery, and pay respect to an exhilarating anonymous Don Quixote riding […]

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Let us follow the humming bird

Let us follow the humming  bird[i]  to find access to  sustainability and anchor the wave of Global interest for “out of Africa” Contemporary Art The Southern African Art World and the African Contemporary Art all together has been canonised by a phenomenal wave of global interest and acquisitions for its depth, wealth and diversity. This […]

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South Africans in Saint-Emilion

Yesterday we had the privilege to host Janine, Ingrid and Herman Steyn firstly at AFSACSA and thereafter at Pierre Lombart’s house where Sam Nhlengethwa made us the honour to join for a leisurely lunch which finished around 19h00 on the square of the City. It was an immense pleasure for us to be able to welcome […]

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Institut Bernard Magrez | Visit by some of the SAFFCA/AFSACSA team

We had the chance to come to Bordeaux yesterday and visit the exhibition at the Institut Culturel Bernard Magrez. After crossing Mr. Alain Juppé who was on his way out, we paid attention to the exhibition in the Château before spending some time with Barbara Shroeder and some of her works in the adjacent glazed […]

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