SAFFCA 2018 Highlights

Ruzy Rusike started the year with an invitation to Paris from IFAS. The Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture of France welcomed Ruzy to a conference on audience growth and development for cultural organisations. Click here to read more   Soon after the arrival of Lungile Zaphi for her internship […]

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Barbara Schroeder’s residency in South Africa | Moments like this…

This year SAFFA in association with The Project Space had in residence artist Barbara Schroeder. Schroeder spent about a month at August House which is located at End St, Doornfontein, Johannesburg which unlike France gave her a new perspective of life and one’s sense of freedom, not physically but spiritually. Schroeder engaged not only with her own […]

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Ruzy Rusike at Lycée Montesquieu

Ruzy Rusike was invited at the Lycée Montesquieu by Alice Conteuse . Ruzy was able to proudly share some knowledge on South Africa, its recent history, its art-world and the aims of SAFFCA. The children were most receptive. This experience needs to be repeated in as many school as possible in France as well as in […]

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Themba Khumalo | Progress

Progress Themba Khumalo 2016 – Saint Emilion, France We are nearing the end of the afternoon. Themba has just returned in St Emilion, after a day visit in the heart of Bordeaux. Some urban imagery invades his mind before his heart. The sky darkens a brewing storm guides his charcoal. The Republic’s Victory, appears in […]

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Art injection for Knysna

KNYSNA NEWS – The South African Foundation for Contemporary Art (SAFFCA), has a number of artist residency programs around South Africa and in France, one soon to be started in Belgium, but one also to start in Knysna…Click to continue reading  Article first published […]

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AFSACSA 2016 season

Yesterday, Pierre did our last presentation on the works of the SAFFCA Collection exhibited in St Emilion as part of the AFSACSA 2016 season. The Foundation will reopen its space in France on the 15th of March when Ruzy Rusike will welcome you surrounded by new works from the Collection. Pauline Gutter will have started […]

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Le jeune artiste Sud Africain Themba Khumalo a fait un détour par l’atelier de lithographie de Francis Van der Riet à Grand Village…Click to continue reading   Article first scene:,3048704.php […]


Artist in Residence, Themba khumalo: Open Studio

Open Studio: Current works by Themba Khumalo Themba Khumalo (29) is Johannesburg based artist who lives and produces work in the captivity of the city. His embedment in the CBD (central business district) is highly reflective in his work. Khumalo uses various mediums such as etching, drypoint and charcoal drawings in his investigation about the […]

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