BY MARIEKE KRUGER An exploration of the sublime through the power of suggestive drawing trace towards the transformation of the self and the other. As established in  my previous research on the transformative potential of drawing, I affirm that there exists a mutually conducive potential and influence that the interplay between the spiritual and the […]


‘River Notes – Notes on Entropy’ by Abrie Fourie | Fundraising

Last night (10 April 2016), the presentation in Westcliff of the limited edition of Prints by Abrie Fourie was a fantastic success. The funds raised will all be dedicated to the production costs of the edition of Abrie’s new book: River Notes – Notes on Entropy. The works are now also part of the SAFFCA […]

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Art injection for Knysna

KNYSNA NEWS – The South African Foundation for Contemporary Art (SAFFCA), has a number of artist residency programs around South Africa and in France, one soon to be started in Belgium, but one also to start in Knysna…Click to continue reading  Article first published […]

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AFSACSA 2016 season

Yesterday, Pierre did our last presentation on the works of the SAFFCA Collection exhibited in St Emilion as part of the AFSACSA 2016 season. The Foundation will reopen its space in France on the 15th of March when Ruzy Rusike will welcome you surrounded by new works from the Collection. Pauline Gutter will have started […]

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Bordeaux at Arrêt sur l’Image-Galerie

Presentation by Pierre on the 22nd of January during the private evening in Bordeaux at Arrêt sur l’Image-Galerie at 18 00. We can recognize Pierre’s usual gestures of Pierre animated by his passion for the Contemporary Art of Southern Africa. Long life to SAFFCA…   […]

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Annual AFSACSA Exhibition 2016

AFSACSA opened its doors on the 16th of March 2016. The inauguration exhibition offers the visitors a core position of the permanent SAFFCA collection. The artworks on display are a confirmation of the continuous support and patronage AFSACSA has developed within the visual arts of southern African region. From earlier works by Kagiso Patrick Mautloa […]

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