Minnette Vári: Finis Tenebris

“Finis Tenebris” or “End of darkness”, as the Latin phrase translates, can be considered a rather significant work as documentation for the current time we live in. Minnette Vári, takes us through a moment of resurgence in her video artwork, where a single charcoal mark on the paper, ripples into an army of many more. […]

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Chris Soal and Minnette Vári | Open Studio

Entabeni in association with Axon Properties and SAFFCA would like to thank everyone who attended the Open Studio of Chris Soal and Minnette Vari. Since the beginning of last year, SAFFCA based on Entabeni Farm in Eastford, Knynsa has held a number of residencies for both local and international artists. This residency, in particular, was very […]

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