Liz Vorster:

a nourishing experience, personally and artistically

a nourishing experience, personally and artistically

I had an incredible experience at Witklipfontein, collaborating with Brussels-based artist Jeanne Dedot, and later at Entabeni with South African artist Nina Kruger. The two residencies unfolded consecutively from the beginning of February until the middle of May, allowing my exploration to progressively deepen.

At Witklipfontein, the residence was well equipped with everything we needed: an abundant vegetable garde, helpful and friendly staff, and Michael, who shared his knowledge of animals and nature freely. The studio itself is like an earthen womb, nurturing a connection with the earth. Surrounded by the folds of the Vredefort dome, nature inspired contemplation, which I fully embraced. Living and working alongside Jeanne was wholesome; her energy and work ethic are inspiring. The frequency of Witklipfontein infused me with earthen magic, a sensation I’ll continue to revisit.

Transitioning to Entaben in Knysna marked a shift from a contemplative studio to an open space that welcomed curious guests and staff, fostering social connections. Collaborating with Nina, we found interesting ways to weave our materials together into a work. The exhibition provided a wonderful opportunity to present our work to the broader Knysna community. My time at Entabeni facilitated a deeper exploration of avenues, propelling my practice forward.

Thank you SAFFCA, in much gratitude to have this time and space to focus on my practice. It has been a nourishing experience, personally and artistically.

Areas: South Africa

Venues: Entabeni Urban Farm and Witklipfontein Eco Lodge