Julia Magnus

Skilled Senior Art Project Manager with a broad range of practical experience and expert knowledge. Demonstrated ability to develop, supervise and lead projects with a strong end-to-end focus (concept, implementation, budget management).

03/2006 – 07/2013 Senior Project Manager at Deutsche Bank Art

The Deutsche Bank Art Collection is one of the leading corporate collections for contemporary art worldwide. Its objective is to make contemporary art accessible to more and more people, provide a platform for talented artists, and encourage young people to discover their own creative potential.

My role as a senior project manager included end-to-end project management combined with the ability to create winning partnerships. Projects varied in nature – from major exhibitions and road shows to art awards extensively promoting public awareness, to corporate initiatives that address the increasing importance for businesses to pursue their corporate social responsibility. My skills include partner selection, cultural sponsorship, budget management, media coordination, corporate marketing, and overall project execution.

Key achievements and projects under my leadership during that time:

Artist of the Year Award (03/ 2012 -04/2013). Co-initiated this award, led its execution and was overall responsible as the project owner. The award promotes young, up-and- coming artists from developing countries through a major art award. Giving the winner an international travelling solo exhibition, a comprehensive catalogue, and a series of supporting events and major media coverage.

Städel Museum (01/ 2010 -03/2012). Major permanent art loan from the Deutsche Bank Collection to the Städel Museum in Frankfurt. The Städel is well known for being one of Europe’s leading art museums. Tailor-made permanent loan to transfer museum-quality works to the Städel, while retaining the focus of the bank’s collection. I was responsible

to create the contractual basis for this first of its kind ground breaking the partnership, which had no precedent in the art business, given the extensive scope of the loan.

ArtCard (01/ 2009 – 2013). The Deutsche Bank ArtCard is a global partnership program with more than 60 partner institutions. The card grants free entry to the partner institutions and entitles the owner to receive the latest information on international art events and special offers in the art world. It is given to 3500 highly valued customers who have been recognised at interested in contemporary art. Deutsche Bank uses their own Collection and its partners in the art world to create a platform exchanging expertise, building alliances and through that to strengthen the customer relationship. A publication is distributed three times a year. I managed the entire project, including program concept and structure, the communication and marketing for all partners, all legal issues, the publication, including the choice of content as well as the bank’s internal marketing and distribution of the card.

52nd Venice Biennale for Contemporary Art (06-11/2007). A partnership with the German pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2007.

The partnership helped to create awareness for contemporary art and in particular for art being an alternative communication medium. Art questions and inspires opens up new perspectives and enables to embrace unusual and innovative solutions. Deutsche Bank used this platform to invite international top clients to the openings of several art- related events. My role involved conducting contractual negotiations, ensuring high- quality execution to the maximum benefit of Deutsche Bank and securing extensive media coverage. Art Roadshow South America (01-12/2007). The aim was to promote the Deutsche Bank Art Collection via a roadshow through the leading South.

American museums. Again using art as an alternative communication medium creating awareness and new business opportunities. My responsibility involved leading all legal aspects of the roadshow, including loans, exhibition agreements, sponsorships, and copyright law.


Number of different internships at Deutsche Bank Art in Frankfurt, Kunstsammlung Nordrhein Westfalen in Düsseldorf, at Christie’s Art.

Auctioneers in Stuttgart and the Art Loss Register in Cologne to gain exposure to the art world finding a job where I could make use of my legal studies but do something related to my passion for art.


2002 – 2004 Legal clerkship (“Referendariat”) at Landgericht Wuppertal 09/2004 Second German Law State Exam.

1996 – 2002 Law Studies at Universität Passau Subject-specific foreign language certificate in English 01/ 2002 First German Law State Exam.